When to Believe the Unbelievable

When to Believe the Unbelievable

When to believe the unbelievable:

A few weeks ago I was having a down day. I was looking forward to an evening reading because it takes my mind off of daily life and shift my focus. I was working with a group of mediums and was thrown the minute I shifted my concentration toward Spirit.

Lately I envision myself on a subway car when I want to meet up with Spirit. It’s a public place where people sit on benches and look across at each other. They can choose to look at each other or look away or look at their iPhone or whatever. I found it’s a good place to meet Spirit who might be unsure about the whole mediumship thing. Yes even though they’re in spirit, they’re still the same people with the same hangups and insecurities.

So I look across from my bench to the other side of the subway and what do I see? I see a man dressed head to toe in long cloaks, he has a long white beard and a necklace of big jewels and a tall crooked hat. He looks for all the world like I would expect Merlin the magician or Dumbledore to look.

I am immediately put out. “Look I’ve had a long day, and if you spirit people want to screw around with me I’m really not in the mood I was hoping to bring through some loving message tonight. I’m not up for games“ but really my big fear was that I just couldn’t read and I was making up stupid images with my imagination.

As I became conscious of feeling cross and doubtful, the tall magician man stood up, gave me a very theatrical sneer and then reached up and pulled off his beard and hat. He arched his back, leaned his head back and laughed a hearty laugh.

With the beard and hat removed, this man looked like Superman, I mean Clark Kent. He had Clark Kent or Buddy Holly‘s eyeglasses, slicked back black hair, chiseled face and perfect teeth. He was the classic tall dark stranger. I thought “they’re really screwing with me tonight; first he’s Merlin the magician and now he’s Superman…”

When it came my turn to say what I had got, I said “I’m not sure that I got anything I think they’re playing with me tonight” and told them about the above.

As it turns out, another Medium in the circle was to have her birthday in two days time. When she was a child her uncle used to dress up as a Merlin the magician and play tricks for all the kids at their birthday parties. He was coming through to tell her “happy birthday“.

And yes, he was strikingly handsome and could have passed for superman in Clark Kent’s eye glasses.

My take away from that reading was that the man was just as considerate in spirit as he had been in life he saw that I was having a difficult day and the rest of the circle was feeling down trodden with the news that’s been going around and thought he would show up in costume to cheer me up and as evidence for his niece.

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