What I Do



I can do local sitting in person with individuals or small groups in my reading room or in your home. I do most one-on-one readings on zoom because it is convenient to schedule and there are fewer distractions. As long as we have a good connection there is no qualitative difference.

It goes something like this:

A recent reading started with a feeling of nostalgia and an image of a tiny birthday cake with three candles, the father in spirit wanted to talk to his 72 year-old daughter about her third birthday.

In another, the feeling of sorrow followed by an image of a car, an overturned tree stump and an armadillo. This translated, within the context of the reading, as an apology from a spirit father to his adult son, who in this case was the sitter: “I’m sorry son, for uprooting the family and moving you all out west”.

Another time a spirit mother simply showed me a single, ripe, whole pineapple. The image had no meaning to me. I had asked spirit for a parting message, and simply conveyed to the sitter what I was seeing. She explained: “We grew up poor… whenever we got money Mom would buy a fresh pineapple and serve it as desert. It was a big deal. Mom’s telling me that she has everything she needs”.


It Works

I communicate with discarnate Spirits. Those in Spirit frequently recall memories of times you shared together and mention small details of your life since they have passed. Messages from spirit are loving and often funny, and serve to provide the living with opportunities to heal old wounds and set records straight.

Mediums share much in common, but we are all distinctly different in how we interpret what we are seeing, hearing and feeling due to our individual life experiences. Spirits use our memories to communicate telepathically. I am able to sense spirit clairvoyantly, clairsentiently, claircognizantly and clairaudiently. I see glimpses of spirit and am shown glimpses of memories or relatives. I am sometimes shown images that are factual and sometimes as symbols to be interpreted as pictographs. I often hear names and dates. Spirit telepathically relates pictures and sounds that combine with feelings as I allow those in spirit to blend with my consciousness. I then interpret these images and sounds within the context of the individual sitting to create meaningful messages.

If You’re

New To Mediums

If you are new to mediums and have never had a reading please keep these things in mind:

I am a spirit medium, which means messages flow from discarnate souls, through my soul, to my mind and then on to you. Just as copper wire is a conduit or the ‘medium’ through which electricity travels from the power plant to your home, I am a human ‘medium’ relaying messages. Beyond simple transmission of thought-as-energy, I must de-code impressions sent to my soul from discarnate souls and translate them into a form meaningful to you the sitter.

Please understand that I am an evidential mental medium, something that science cannot yet fully explain, yet has studied. Studies ‘point to’ the reality of communication with unique discarnate personalities.

I am NOT a fortune teller...

This all means that: I am not a fortune teller. I cannot predict the future; I cannot tell you when you might find work, or who or what your ex is doing. I can’t predict stock market movements or predict the winning lottery numbers or world events. I can only contact those who have crossed over with whom you have shared a familial or intense or loving connection in life. It may sound funny, but I must repeat, I cannot contact Elvis Presley or an Albert Einstein no matter how much you may love them, unless you knew them personally in life.

If you are not coming to me with a heartfelt need to communicate with spirit, you will be disappointed and you will be wasting our time. That said, it is fine if you are skeptical, as long as your need is real. Loving communication from spirit is an undeniable and lasting experience. You will continue to feel it unfolding within and around you to the extent you let it in. You must be clear in your intent and in no way under the influence of alcohol or drugs during your reading as such effects will weaken our connection to spirit.

I CANNOT promise who will show up...

I cannot promise who will show up: I am not a cosmic switchboard operator I cannot ‘dial’ up a specific spirit. For me to make contact you must be related to those in spirit by an intense or loving bond and they in turn must choose to present themselves during a reading. That said, the person you most want to come through for you, most often does. Your very desire is a sign of the strength of your bond. I cannot plan or predict who will come through but if you speak to those who have passed and handle their possessions before and during a reading it will multiply your chances of them coming through.

What I CAN promise is...

You Have Nothing to Fear. I open our reading with a prayer to those present, to deliver their messages of love through me, and we do get what we intend. I have never had spirit come through to criticize or pass judgement on a sitter, they are most often here to wish you well, remind you to check in on so-and-so, congratulate you on your accomplishments and sometimes to apologize. If they make an off-color joke, it is because they would do so in life, they are letting you know it is them. Yes – they learn a thing or two from their life review when they passed over, but you may find them only a slightly wiser version of who you once knew.

If you are a big-hearted person, it is possible your reading may be “hijacked” which is to say that a loving individual in spirit may have been trying to contact a friend or relative of yours for some time, and will take the opportunity of your reading to provide evidence to their loved one through you, that they exist, and are well. As an example, I recently had a sitter’s landlord come through in her reading. He provided succinct irrefutable evidence. It was the sitter’s first reading ever and she had come into it a skeptic, she left feeling like she was walking on air, with a beautiful message to deliver to the man’s daughter. He crossed over days before the reading.

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