Sample Report

Psychometry is the

ability to receive psychic

impressions from

inanimate objects.

The report shared below (names deleted for privacy) is an example of the kinds of information that can be obtained from an object with a strong psychic charge. In this case, the more time spent with the object, the more it revealed about its owner. If another medium handled the objects, more impressions would likely arise, and perhaps some would overlap mine.

In this case I sat with a photograph and two rings. I sat quietly after morning meditation, holding the objects and concentrating for twenty minutes each day over the course of a week. I knew the owner as an acquaintance but was told nothing about the woman in the photo or the rings, which were passed to me by a mutual friend. A summary of the owner’s feedback appears in red type.



Hi ___, thank you for taking an interest in providing the photo and the rings for a psychometric reading. I did not receive an impression from the photo, however; the night before I picked these items up, I recalled I would be receiving them and an image came to mind of a plump woman in her late-twenties/thirties bent at the waist giving you a hug as you sat in our friend’s kitchen. The woman had curled bright red hair, bright blue-green eyes, pale skin and freckles on her forearms. What I found interesting is that the clairvoyant image of the hug was a mirror image of the woman’s pose in this photo. My impression was that the woman was a friend of yours when you were younger or perhaps a younger version of the woman in the photo.

The red-headed woman’s description matched that of the best friend of the woman in the photo. She was known for her bright red hair and green-blue eyes.

A List of


The Rings

The Rings:

Neither ring seemed to be worn much and impressions were faint.

The diamond ring was not worn, the pearl ring worn earlier in the recipients’ marriage.

The Diamond Ring

Diamond (clear stone) Ring:

My sense is that this ring either was cleaned in a solution containing salt, or: The conditions under which the owner/wearer received the ring were unfavorable to the wearer/owner, i.e. it may have been given dutifully, on an occasion like an anniversary, or had guilt attached to it, or the wearer simply did not like diamonds or the giver.

I did not want to take the chance of offending with my impression that the husband who gave the ring was unfaithful and trying to make up for the fact, but that is exactly what happened. No wonder she never liked it or wore it.

The Pearl Ring

Pearl Ring:

All the following impressions were derived from contact with the Pearl Ring which was much “warmer” and “opened” over time and are in no particular order:

This ring was clearly well received by the wearer and given in the spirit of love.
The pearl ring was given on an anniversary, during a vacation early in the marriage when all was well.

The owner of this ring could be said to be “easy going” and was loved by family.
Mom was a generous big-hearted lady with many friends.

My sense is that the owner was as much a friend as mother to you; my impression is she was your father’s sister and that she loved you very much.
The woman in the photo owned the rings and was the current owner’s mother, she was tearfully described as ‘as much a friend as a mother’.

The energy of the wearer makes me feel like my insides are made of velvet; in other words, she would impart that sensual/comforting/safe/secure/maternal feeling to those who met her.

I see a big white bathtub and feel longing; she loved the tub but did not get to enjoy as much as she would like to have, perhaps because of a full house of people.
Mom loved her tub. The longing was that later in life lung cancer left her too weak to bathe on her own.

She was subject to UTI infections throughout her 30’s – 40’s.
Could not be verified.

The names “Ginny” and “Sam” and “Sarah” came up.
Could not be verified.

I hear the phrase “P___ smokes too much.”
The current owner is named P___ and she smoked in her youth.

I see the wearer driving and loving her “all-time favorite car” a green VW Beetle in the late 60’s – early 70’s. It had a vanilla colored interior.
Could not be verified.

She loved the “ding-ding!” sound of the bell on the daytime TV show The Price is Right
This exact detail could not be verified but she was a stay-at-home mom and always had daytime television on.

I see a large white Cockatiel bird as a pet named Fred, or perhaps she liked the Tony Blake cop show Beretta; might have had a crush on Tony.
She did own a white Cockatiel, but his name was Forest. She did watch Beretta on television.

I see a yellow Frisbee.
Could not be confirmed.

I see work as a legal assistant/secretary.
The current owner works as a court reporter.

I sense she had three children.
Three daughters, one estranged son.

I believe Valentine’s Day was important to her and/or she was born around then.
The mother was born within three weeks of Valentine’s day.

She thought flatulence was funny or at least nothing to be ashamed of; she was not overly self-conscious.
LOL Correct she thought farting was funny and made jokes about it.

I see a dense freshly mown lawn; she loved her yard, was a “green thumb”, or was just overjoyed when someone mowed the lawn.
General, but was more overjoyed when someone mowed the lawn.

I see her playing cards. I hear “Bridge”.
Card games were a favorite pastime, “Bridge” could not be confirmed.

I feel Sunday is her favorite day.
Could not be confirmed.

I see freshly baked bread coming out of her oven.
Mother cooked and baked with some pride.

She thought she had a lot of money. I questioned that and heard “Well I thought $500 was a lot of money!” and her modest laugh.
Correct. The husband controlled her money, giving her a small “allowance” though he had a successful nightclub business with cash transactions.

I hear her coughing in her last years.
Correct. She died of lung cancer.

I see a small dog as a pet, with short reddish fur, which was longer and darker around the ears, like a Pomeranian breed. I hear the name Trisha or Trixie.
Could not be confirmed, the family owned too many small dogs over the years to recall.

She had strong feelings about lobster.
She did not care for lobster.

A man close to her, could be her father, had a large 50’s car with red and white tail fins.

“Thank you for ham-salad at the beach and Stevie Wonder on the radio!”

Mom did like ham salad, the family sisters had been discussing memories of Mom at the beach shortly before this reading and Mom “loved Black men, funk, and Stevie Wonder!”