Petrified Wood As A Symbol

Petrified Wood As A Symbol

I did a reading for a woman tonight. I had great trouble bringing her mother and sister through. What little information I did get about the sitter’s health did seem to come from her mother who was unusually quiet. I did not raise the sister at all. It made no sense why that was happening. Didn’t they love her? I finally got around to find out that her dad had passed and I tried to bring him through. Nothing. That was very unusual and very telling. Suddenly I had the sense that there was “an elephant in the room”.

It was then that I saw a typical New England ranch house backed up onto a pine forest. In the backyard was a giant black rock wall of petrified wood like remnants of a sequoia tree. I had found the elephant in the room. The big obstruction preventing mother and sister coming through, was their own grief over the sitter’s father. It turned out the sister had drunk her self to death. Why? What made them so quiet?

I do believe low energy people move slowly at the level of light, they move slowly vibrationally. This piece of petrified wood (a symbol) had to be the darkest, slowest moving entity I had come across. I suspected that the father had molested the sitter as a child, or something like that. She revealed that was the case and it also seems to be the root of many physical problems she has.

There can be any number of problems getting through as a medium. The phone connection can be bad, with the sitter may know nothing about mediumship and have unrealistic expectations, the spirit person could be to Neutra spirit to know how to communicate etc. But now I know, as a medium, that when I am having trouble getting information where I shouldn’t, when I get that hushed silence where I shouldn’t, this is a possibility to consider. It’s unfortunate and too common. My current assumption is that energetically, low level spirit people cannot come through a reading. They physically don’t have the means. They can’t “fly“ the way high energy spirits can.

Now I understand a certain reticence among certain sitters. Often the sitters hold a fear that they will not measure up to spirits expectation of them, or worse. I will tell them “You have nothing to worry about in a reading. The bad guys are stuck and cannot reach you until they can see the damage they’ve done, and heal themselves enough to come forward with an apology.”

I reiterated to to that sitter that the worst part of childhood abuse is that it’s the trust that is wounded, and it’s the trust that is needed to get healing. The abused is emotionally “cut off at the knees” and helpless to receive the healing they need, until they become aware of that fact. In fiction and medieval stories this was referred to as a “spell“. It always took a noble heart to lift a spell. In today’s terms I compare the therapeutic approach to grief, as something like open heart surgery. You’ve got to have all the necessary supports you will need around you before you begin, so that it can go smoothly.

This is the third – no fifth time – in three months of readings I’ve had this issue come up, it’s an unexpected and remarkable position to find myself in. I have enough experiences with these things to talk about them delicately and respectfully and to point the sitter to professional help if it’s something they have not yet been dealing with. The first time took me by surprise, the issue was released upon me, this last time I pursued the issue and fared much better; still it felt messy and awkward on my part as a medium. Now that I know what I’m looking at; next time will faster, smoother, better. This is one sitter who will be in my prayers. I will pray for her healing.