I attended a three day workshop with my teacher James Van Praagh at the Kripalu Center. I was a bit surprised when he invited me to demonstrate mediumship. I knew it was a possibility but was not sure when it might happen or how it might fit into the program of events.

But a great and supportive teacher he is. Timing is something he understands, before he could finish introducing me, spirit simply showed up. I was brought directly to a man in the audience. “I have Karl here for you“ I said. The man thought a moment and then shook his head. The girl sitting next to him turned pale. The man said “I can’t think of a Karl in spirit.“ The girls hand shot up… Karl was in fact for her. He had been a mentor of hers and she had a king-size crush on him when he was alive.

The funny thing is the man that I initially thought Karl was there for, and the girl who he actually was there for, later had a conversation. They learned in time that they were related; both descended from John Quincy Adams. The result was a new familial relationship. How cool is that?

So it got me wondering if it was a mistake to call on him as the recipient of the message after all. I was specifically guided directly to that man out of 100 people. I’ve often heard that spirits economize their communications and that communications often have multiple levels of importance or meaning. My teacher is fond of saying that in mediumship there are no mistakes by spirit. There are mistakes in translation by mediums of course, and it sometimes takes a while to figure out intended connections.

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