Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident

From a recent sitter:

“I have been to 3 other “mediums” hoping to connect with 2 of my immediate family that have passed on ..In not the most conventional ways.. the other 3 readers were, it felt not authentic and did not even come close to anything.

Your reading was by far the most genuine of them all. Even though my Family did not come through I get why (former partner’s father) came to us.

(Former partner) needs to hear from his dad as he works on his healing process.”

If you’ve never had a reading it is not uncommon for spirit to come to a reading to convey a message for someone close to you. It seems spirit is always trying to get through to us and for us to pay attention to signs. Even if the message is not for you, being a conduit for a message can be comforting and fulfilling.

I recently did a phone reading for a woman in Florida who told me she’d been to 15 other mediums trying to contact a particular young man in spirit. She said she had spent thousands of dollars. He was one of the strongest contacts I have made and she seemed to benefit greatly from the evidence he provided, including his manner of passing which was not conclusive at the time of his death. Though the man died in a motorcycle accident, he was a professional racer and there was no explanation why he drove into the back of a car. In the reading I was able to see the accident from above and described the stretch of road. I also sensed he experienced a blackout due to a something like a cerebral hemorrhage while he was driving. I believe he had actually lost consciousness in the driving position several seconds before the actual collision occurred. At high-speed, a motorcycle keeps going in the direction it’s on unless acted by an outside force… this knowledge was very comforting to the woman the man left behind. She commented that in the week prior to his passing he complained of strong and unusual headaches.

I continue to find this process to be a mystery. Sometimes one specific word or phrase from spirit to a loved one can seem to release a whole chain of information and relieve pent-up anxiety or suffering in the sitter; suddenly something that did not make sense at the time, does.