More Unbelievable Spirits

More Unbelievable Spirits

More unbelievable spirits:

Usually it’s grandma or grandpa that comes through. Usually they are wearing whatever they normally wore or sometimes they’re wearing their Sunday best or a fisherman slicker if they were a fisherman. But sometimes…

So tonight I brought through this woman that reminded me of the actress Phyllis Diller. Mostly because she was very theatrical and over the top with her expressions in a very broad way.

First of all she was draped in flowers from head to toe and wore a white dress and was reclining on a kind of Victorian sofa with a cigarette holder. She was puffing on this thing and chatting on this old-fashioned landline answering machine speaker phone thing. I asked her who she was talking to “why the King of Siam of course“ and then she let out a deep smoky mischievous laugh.

I thought “oh here we go again another joker.“ I said “seriously Lady I need to bring through some evidence so if you’re really here to see someone they will know who you are.“

She showed me an image of a small long-haired black brown and yellow dog, a Yorkshire terrier. She said “when she knew me this was my dog.“

So this was the information I relayed to the potential sitters to see if anyone could actually take at least the dog if not this wild lady.

“ yes that’s my grandmother, she would remind you of Phyllis Diller the actress, and yes she had about six Yorkies at a time. And yes, my grandfather did know the Prince of Siam.“

This time I think it was me who found himself with his mouth hanging open at a reading; I didn’t even know Siam was a real place. Apparently Thailand used to be Siam back in the day. Never mind that this woman’s grandfather actually knew the Prince of the place.

They are teaching me all the time… and not just geography, but how to trust in things that seem impossible.