Good, Better, Best Readings

Good, Better, Best Readings

When I look back over the last four years of mediumship readings I have delivered, I see the slow rise in quality of my readings for others. By contrast I can only suspect the potential incompleteness of my earlier readings. By extension it makes me aware of how the slow unfoldment process works for all mediums. I’m writing this with both prospective sitters and all levels of mediums in mind.

Two readings in the last year stand out for me in terms of how time and experience with learning the subtle language of spirit is a force-multiplier in terms of the power of the readings to affect change within the lives of the sitters who come to us. I have full permission from the sitters involved to write about these matters because they recognize the freeing power their readings had on themselves and family and they wanted to share the possibilities of such powerful effects.

If you see a public demonstration of mediumship, understand that if you are read, you may only be getting ‘the tip of the iceberg’. Public demonstrators of mediumship are trained to keep their readings to a maximum of seven minutes. The purpose is twofold: the remainder of the audience will get bored and the group energy will drop if a single reading goes longer, this is why it is a ‘demonstration’ only; it proves survival of the human spirit after physical death. Secondly, for the professional medium, this short reading will wet your appetite for an in-depth one-on-one reading. Think of it as a movie trailer.

Here is the first, an actual reading I gave at a development circle. The circle was two hours long, each medium having seven minutes to convey a seven minute reading, which I did. However I presented my reading 45 minutes into the circle, which means I had that long to connect with and then communicate with one man in spirit. A public demonstrator does not have the luxury of that in-depth conversation. They need to be making connections with their next spirit communicator before they are done delivering the message from the one they are working with.

I’ve broken down my reading by evidence as good, better, best. In a long beginner mediumship reading or a brief professional demonstration you might get the ‘good’ reading.

Good: “I have a man here in spirit. He was a father. I see him working at a gas station. I feel he was not close to his family. He shows me that he was a drinker. He wants to take responsibility for his absence from the family and express his regret at being distant from you. Can you please accept his apology?

Better: I feel the presence of a man here, he was a father to a woman here. He wears a garage uniform that says “AMACO” on the back. He has a compact, rugged build and the fingers of a car mechanic. He led a life of quiet desperation and he self medicated some private grief with alcohol. He shows me a motorcycle he is working on and I understand it to be his. By the way he gives it some throttle here in the shop, I know he took great pride in its smooth running. He was absent from the family and makes me feel he was a good provider but not emotionally present. I know he regrets this and asks your forgiveness. I know your mother is alive and he wants you to tell her that it was not her fault. It was never her fault.

Best: As your father throttles his motorcycle, he sends a wave of emotion through me, it’s quite primal. He shows me men in leather riding gear, and there is a feeling of longing. He now shows me himself alone, in an apartment, vacuuming. In his free hand there is a strong alcoholic drink and a cigarette he takes drags from. I understand you knew your father as a depressed man, but here he is happy, vacuuming and actually dancing, listening to loud disco music. He’s actually having a great time. Do you understand a young man within the family named Ethan? You do, he’s your sister’s son. And is it true that he is an adolescent, and depressive, keeping more and more to himself? He is. I don’t want to ‘drop a bomb’ on you or your family here, but I feel your father has come forward with this message which may sting at first, but will heal in the long run: I interpret what your father has shown me to mean, is that he was a repressed gay man, that he kept that inside his whole life, that if he had his druthers he would have been part of the ‘leather’ culture. He drank to push away the pain of his inauthentic life. He doesn’t want to offend anyone with this. He was an honorable and responsible man and did what he thought would be best for his family and says ‘that’s just how it was in those days’. He hopes that knowing this will help your mother to know that his distance and drinking were never her fault, it was never something she did ‘wrong’. You are from a younger generation and he knows you will understand this more easily, but he also makes me feel the second reason he comes forward with this now is that the young man, Ethan, his great nephew is going through what he went through, and that what he needs now is acceptance. Talk to your sister about this and let her know your father wants to spare him the pains he and your family suffered in life by not being true to himself.

As it turns out, the man was ‘forced’ to marry because of an unwanted pregnancy. If this interested you, tune in next time for the second reading, which is actually three sessions long, incorporates a similar theme, plus ridding a local business of a “ghost”.