Gone to the Dogs: Weirdest Reading to Date

Gone to the Dogs: Weirdest Reading to Date

I’m at an in-person development circle and I’m the last person on platform. The three people who have gone before me have brought through two of my guides.

I get to the platform and no I am not a man or a woman or a child. I can’t understand what I am it is the strangest feeling but I know my eyes are only about 30 inches off the ground. Suddenly there’s itching on my backside. I looked down and I have golden fur and paws where my hands should be.
Suddenly I understand the itching is fleas and I am a female golden retriever. I look around and there are two small children’s age 3 and five in a loving home around me. I have virtually no memories, no ego, and I have no self consciousness whatsoever. My emotions are very clean and totally in the moment and extremely powerful, I feel very innocent and loving. I’m telling the group in front of me this and I’m feeling very dizzy like I might fall over and I am ecstatic because it’s such a strange and powerful blending with spirit.

I’m instructed to bring my attention back to the group and try to bring someone through for the group. Suddenly I’m a man, I’m 42 years old I have dark hair I am seriously overweight. I drink soda constantly. My legs are trembling. I know I am diabetic. I know that complications from diabetes kill me. I know that people make terrible fun of me. My legs feel like they might go out from under me my right leg is pained. I understand that I cannot speak. Suddenly I understand; I am special. Perhaps on the autistic spectrum. I know I want to be in a loving home but I also feel very angry and do you not want anyone too close to me and definitely do not want anyone to touch me.

Then the memory comes: the woman in the audience once intervened on my behalf when I was being humiliated for being helpless and drooling over myself. She scolded the tormentors around me, put them in their place at a moment when it meant everything in the world to me and I feel eternally grateful to her, and being able to say so to her now through a medium who can speak is my message. I also understand that the dog I was and the man I now am are somehow related…

The end.

The recipient in the audience related the experience: this occurrence happened when the man and the recipient were children. The man passed recently. The man was mentally retarded and lived in her neighborhood for a time. When he was younger he lived at home with his mother and he always wanted a golden retriever. His mother said she had enough to take care of and she did not want a dog because they have fleas.

I had trouble stepping down from the podium. I had trouble keeping my legs under me walking back to my car after circle. I was still shaky when I woke up this morning. This was the most intense reading I have had to date.