Fun at the checkout line.

Fun at the checkout line.

I was checking out of a store this morning. I visit about twice a month. There’s an elderly woman who works there who seems an old soul.

I was purchasing a small bell.

“Another bell?”

“They help me to listen.”

“Oh?” mildly interested.

“Yes. To the spirit people.”

Alarmed/guardedly interested…

“For instance : Would you know an ‘Addy’?”

“No… I mean I had an aunt Addie; but she died a long time ago.“

“Yes that’s the feeling get, along with a lot of love for you. I feel it here in my chest. And though she passed quite a while ago, She is always with you. She’s with you right now…”

… A look up strong interest.

I’m thinking “Oh good, I’m not crazy for one more day…”

“And who is this ‘Charles’ she mentions?“

“That’s her brother’s name, my uncle.”

Her eyes are wide with recognition. I have her full attention and I sense a rising up of her energy.

“Strange, I was just thinking of Aunt Addie yesterday.“ she says.

“Yes she was directing you and reminding you to do something that you enjoy that she used to enjoy doing.“

BINGO – All the lights go on in her eyes. I can see her back straightening, lifting up in her body and receiving this loving embrace from her Aunt.

“Oh – goosebumps!”

I state the obvious “well Addie and Charles just want to remind you they are by your side and you have their love.“

I bid her a good day and while driving home I turn on the radio. A few seconds later the song comes on the radio that came through for another sitter’s reading a while back: Norah Jones song LONE STAR. That sitter’s grandmother had come through and spoke to me in song lyrics that only the sitter would understand as related to her grandmother. I had explained to the checkout clerk that this happens sometimes.

When I heard this song on the drive home I choked up; I knew it as the work of my own great Aunt Ann, in spirit, because I know she is helping facilitate my development and was there this morning, in the checkout line, helping me to recognize the humanity of the person in front of me, and to turn an elderly lady’s day around and remind us of big picture; in a lighthearted way unique to spirit!