Digitized Hair?

Digitized Hair?

A few thoughts on clairvoyance in readings; by a painter:

I was educated as a painter and sculptor and designer. I thought I’d share a few observations which may be helpful to some of you who may be struggling with the nature of clairvoyant images.

There are two concepts I’ve come across in my education that are central to my understanding of designed images. Whether you are looking at a human -made object or a spirit inspired vision makes no difference; these two concepts will help you decode what you are looking at; the how and why of what is being communicated by images.


This was coined by American architect Louis Sullivan. Put simply, skyscrapers are tall because land in cities is extremely expensive and densely populated so it makes sense economically and in terms of space considerations to “build upward”. Race cars are neither high nor boxy, but rather low and flat, to most easily cut into the air and achieve the function of speed. The intent of race car designers is speed. The trunk of a palm tree growing on a windswept beach forms a curve. The curve alleviates the stress of the prevailing winds in order to prevent the tree from snapping, The direction the trunk grows is opposite the prevailing wind direction, the fronds may face a different direction “south” because that is where the fronds maximize their exposure to the nutrients of the sun, this is called “heliotropism“. Bamboo is hollow for the similar reason, to allow the plant to bend in wind rather than break. A sand dune takes the shape of trillions of individual particles of sand blown by winds or water over time. Seat backs are smooth for comfort. I’m sure you’ve seen this all throughout nature. Nature does not make mistakes: it designs according to the laws of function.


In the first case, I think of painting media; watercolor, oil pan, pastels… a painting of a tropical Seascape executed in watercolor is going to capture a very different feel than the same image painted in oil paint or a lead pencil drawing. Generally speaking the watercolor is going to capture the lighter more “liquid“ and spontaneous feelings possible in the image and artist’s nature, while oil paint will likely capture the denser, meditative and lasting qualities of the scene and convey the solidity that only the give and take of memory and reflection over time can create; it is a sedimentary process. A pencil sketch might express the rapidity of the artists intellect and ease of expressing fleeting feelings about the subject in a kind of wireframe or shorthand view.

In the case where the “Medium” is the conduit for unseen spirit communication; I refer to the unique blend of experiences, memories, capacities for thought and feeling and the ability to connect them.

Let’s say spirit is the painter. First they choose their canvas or paper. How big is it? Why did they choose that size? Are they showing me a single object illustrated? Where is that object situated in a visual field with a foreground and background? Why did they make that decision. What is in the foreground what is in the background. What is the quality of the image? Is it blurry is it clear does it look painted does it look borrowed from a cheap catalog? Everything they “paint“ will have to come from your experience at some level otherwise it would not be a useful interface for you – you would not understand it. Why did Spirit choose that particular image from your past? Why did they combine that image from your past with other images from your past? Your sitter does not understand the image; why does spirit continue to present the same image to you repeatedly?

These are some of the questions I ask of images that are presented to me. I’m sure you get the point and I don’t want to belabor it but there are many more aspects that could be gotten into.

If this line of thinking interests you, I’ll illustrate with an example of a reading from the other night. It was a 20 minute reading but it will take much longer to write about and probably to read and consider:

The sitter was a woman in her 30s. A head of hair came to me as an image ; a thick head of hair in the 70s style like worn by the actors in the TV show The Monkeys. The hair was a mousy brown color with gray flecks. A young man’s face came to me as an image. His face kept altering between that of a young man and a family dog from my childhood whom everyone loved. In the image the man did not speak he simply stared. I understood from this that the man could not communicate with speech for some reason, just like the dog, but I know I’m supposed to love this man. I see my mother grabbing the dog by the hair on either side of his muzzle drawing him close and kissing his nose. I feel the dog cannot move in that position without pain. I understand that this man cannot speak and is somehow cornered and cannot move. The vision widens and I see that the man is in an institutional setting. I put the institutional setting together with the feeling that I cannot move and come up with prison initially. Then I noticed how clean the surroundings look and that he is by himself and I feel more that I am in some sort of protective custody. The man stares at me intently, and I feel a sense of helplessness by his lack of movement. I understand there’s something wrong with him mentally when I see his right eye turn a brilliant red color but his expression does not change…

The sitter understands a young man with a strange look in his eyes who is “cornered“ in his life and somehow helpless, but she’s confused because this person is alive; it is her brother and he is in a mental institution. She says she cannot take the mousy brown and gray flecked hair though… “His hair is like mine“ she says. Her hair is jet black.

I look at the hair again clairvoyantly but this time in more detail and in close-up. It is the same mousy brown and gray flecked hair but I see it closer. Why is spirit “painting“ it this way?

At that point in the reading I have a choice. I understand the sitter must be correct about the color of her brothers hair. I understand I have her brother. So why has spirit twice showing me the hair in such away? I know it is important! I will not move on from her “no“ but will stay and look more closely at the image I am being presented by Spirit.

I look at the hair again clairvoyantly. I allow myself to open more fully to the hair. This time I noticed something extraordinary about the hair. Though it is gray flecked, as in “ salt and Pepper“ hair, it is not alternate hairs that are either brown or gray, but rather individual hairs that alternate between brown and gray bands in 2 cm long sections along their length.

This I understand to be important. Hair does not grow this way. An individual hair is not Brown and then Gray and then Brown and then Gray again along its length. This is UNNATURAL.

I look at the hair again and noticed that the gray hairs lying next to each other in segments, seem to form a kind of pattern that is communicating something to me.

I have a childhood memory of visiting a grandfather at work, in the old days when computers used real to reel tapes and were the size of refrigerators. There was a room full of such computers all operating simultaneously. At the top of the use of computers, two reels moved in synchronous motion, switching back-and-forth along the length of a magnetic tape searching for information.

I take from that image: INFORMATION.

At that point I’m a bit lost and I still have no idea who I am communicating with in spirit. I ask – and a voice tells me “The man from Quincy.”

Quincy Massachusetts is a small city some 70 miles from the reading but is known to me. My father was born there, my mother went to high school there, and a grandfather worked there at the shipyard. The shipyard was busy building ships during World War II and petered out and went out of business in the 70s. The large gantry Cranes used to build the ships are an iconic memory for me of that city. They no longer exist they were taken down a decade ago. I only need to consider that image for a split second, remembering those gantry crane’s. I see and think about the thick paint on those gantry crane’s as they were repainted over decades and I suddenly understand the content of the reading and it’s intended purpose for healing.

The cranes at the shipyard and the ships and many other things would’ve been painted with lead based paint and other heavy metals, particularly antifouling bottom paint. I once had lead poisoning in my 20,s from grinding such paint and had horrific headaches as a symptom.

To the sitter “do you understand Quincy Massachusetts?“

“Yes that’s where I picked my brother up when he first got sick and took him to the hospital.“

“I believe your brothers illness and following psychosis is the result of heavy metal poisoning from the ground water or something he inhaled while working in that area. This could be proven by taking a sample of his hair. Heavy metals exposure is retained in the human body in scalp hair. If the doctors take a sample of his hair I believe they will find heavy metals there. I see a lot of gray in your brothers hair and that could indicate arsenic poisoning. Your brother’s right eye is also a brilliant red color, and as a painter if I were to paint that color I would use cadmium red. Both arsenic and Cadmium are heavy metals that when ingested or breathed can cause psychosis.”

I dimly recall once having seen a forensic detective television show about a woman who poisoned her husband with arsenic and how forensic investigators took a sample of his hair and were able to prove the poisoning; when it happened and how powerful the poison was. Spirit knew that about me, thus showed me the hair initially and continued to show it to me until I understood its importance. The unnatural pattern, the color, and the hair style that wed the period to the 1970s when the shipyard went out of business, all drove home to me the idea of heavy metal poisoning from industrial use of the land.

Do I know all of this to be fact? No. Only time will tell, and if the sitter actually listened to me. I did my part, I listened to spirit for as long as it took to understand the message and conveyed it to the sitter.