Calling Shots From the Other Side

Calling Shots From the Other Side

I recently did my first group reading for a family. I didn’t feel like it went well. I struggled for two hours. I would back up and try different tactics to bring spirit through. I did contact one spirit strongly but he was hard to keep a hold of. I left feeling exhausted and not too successful.

The following day I had a text from the sister of the man in spirit who came through. What I did not realize during the sitting is that the family was anxiously focused on what to do with important investments the man had made and managed during his life. The family needed to know who should manage them. One piece of evidence that did come through was the name of an investment professional who is managing the investments, who spirit endorsed, and a reason why an alternative person the family was considering for the job, would not be suitable. So, little did I know during the reading, spirit actually addressed a vital issue of importance to the family. Even after his passing this man in spirit is able to influence the security of his family. I was very impressed by that!

I also learned that the man only passed two months ago. No wonder he was hard to contact, he’s not been there long enough to adjust and the family is still in grief which makes it difficult energetically speaking to connect. Several months ago I brought through a man in spirit who had only passed earlier that week, but he was an excellent communicator and came through for someone who was a friend of the family, who was not grieving, presumably to get a message through to his family via the sitter, that there is another side and he was doing fine.

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