Black Tar

Black Tar

I brought a man in spirit through last week, he kind of highjacked a woman’s reading, to get to his son, who was not present. I was put in touch with and read the son yesterday and the man in spirit returned. I felt an apology; he showed me a car and an overturned tree stump. It took me a while to interpret. “Your dad wants to apologize for uprooting the family by moving them from Massachusetts to out west.” I saw the man walking away from an abandoned car by the side of a desert road. He twirled in circles blindly. “He says he’s sorry son, that he got lost so many times in drink, couldn’t find his way home for days.” Dad went on benders. Then he showed me something like black tar being poured onto a desert road and a thought crossed my mind and I put it out, I felt it was not literal but didn’t understand, so I said what I saw, and asked if he or his dad did road work? “No – you got it right the first time. It’s heroin, we sometimes call it ‘Black Tar’. I’m a recovering heroin addict and so was my father.”

Heroin was the word I did not say.

Mediumship is mostly about listening to the faintest feeling and accepting them. I’ve brought through fathers who molested daughters and who make this journey back through a medium like me specifically to apologize. The meaning of the message is love, but it ain’t always easy to hear in the moment. I have to keep faith that ultimately the message will stay with the sitter and slowly form a healing. That’s what it’s often about.

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