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Mediumship presented itself to me in my 53rd year. It arrived with surprising speed and maturity. Spirits wanting to make contact showed up in a classic form, as a late night rapping on the walls, a flashing of lights in my home, and the distinct impression that someone was “calling” to me.

Though I knew and believed nothing of psychics or the world of mediumship at the time, I took its calling seriously and set about to learn everything I could, and dedicated my efforts to find the best teachers available. I studied at my local Spiritualist church in development circle, numerous online development circles, as well as online studies with Spiritualist medium Martin Twycross, of the U.K. and here in the U.S. with psychic and medium James Van Praagh. Martin teaches the mechanics of mediumship, James teaches techniques to ‘feel’ our way into conversing with those in spirit.

– John Vliet



Means To Me

I accept and treat mediumship in my life as a form of healing myself, those in spirit, and the loved ones with whom they wish to communicate. Mediumship offers those in spirit a chance to demonstrate through evidence that their personality has survived physical death. More importantly, the fact of their new existence proves there is more to our soul’s life than meets our average senses and awareness. By implication, this new sense of the physical universe can be mind-blowing. It takes getting used to.

I do not pretend to have answers about the nature of this dual reality, I can only tell you what I have seen; that we and our loved ones on the ‘other side’ are entwined at the level of our souls. You may see that as a manifestation of your particular religion, or you may see that purely as some form of quantum entanglement. Whatever it is, I believe we are entering a period where we might, figuratively speaking, hold up The Net of Indra in one hand, and Quantum physics in the other, lay one atop the other, and see them overlaid as become one.

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