A Difficult Reading

A Difficult Reading

A difficult reading:

There are times when a sitter cannot take the evidence in a mediumship reading; such was the case during my second reading yesterday.

The woman I read sent a photo before the reading and postponed the reading by a half hour. I had time to sit with the photo and read into it. Some mediums can form a strong psychic link with a photograph of a deceased person. I could tell much about the personality of the woman in the photograph and then begin to blend with her. She made me understand that her life was changed by her college experiences. She made me understand that the sitter was her daughter and that her daughter had wasted some money on other mediums and she wasn’t happy about it.

She then showed me what I now understand as a cross-section of human vein or artery with metal clamps around it. The vein “felt“ like meat; dark, dense and heavy and moist. I didn’t know what to make of the image on its own.

When I got the sitter on the phone she easily took the evidence about the description of her mothers personality and behaviors and I moved on to the conversation about her college years and this image of a clamped vein. She explained that her mother had been a nurse in the life.

I have better symbols for nurses but I let it go for the moment. It could be that she was telling me she was a nurse but there also was a technical feeling about the image I couldn’t be sure of.

From that image the mother showed me a tricycle in three different positions. What interested me was that there was no one on the tricycle and it felt like it was in the past. If I connected the images in a loop it would look like the tricycle was driving in circles. The feeling I had with the image was of sadness and incompleteness. The sitter said the image could not be for her, that she did not have children.  It was at this point that she seem to be getting irritated with me. She stated that readings with other mediums progressed more rapidly and they were definitely connected with her mother.

The next bit really got her angry. The mother tried to get a name across to me, it was four or five syllables and started with a “C”. I expressed a number of names like it including Cassandra which seemed clear three times. The sitter could not take any of the names and was getting flustered.

The mother then showed me the torso of a woman with a bikini top on. The bikini top was removed and two hands moved around from behind and cradled the breasts. As a man I’m reluctant to get into areas like this with a female sitter. “I can only tell you what I see and I don’t mean to offend you in anyway“.

“Are you overdue for a mammogram?” I asked.


I explained that since the mother was a nurse perhaps she would be mindful of such things. The woman admitted that she was overdue for a mammogram. She seemed very concerned that I was not bringing through happy news for her from her mother which she was used to from other mediums.

I explained that different mediums have had different life experiences and just like in life her mom was going to speak to me differently than she might to another and perhaps a female medium. This is one of those difficult situations where it seems like a medium would be deflecting responsibility or simply not having a connection and trying to cover it up.   I am not interested in appearances so much within mediumship and simply state what I have or what I am working on. I explained that it’s not like picking up the phone and dialing someone up and relating their messages in plain English. My readings tend to be highly symbolic and can take a lot of interpretation at times.

It was apparent at this point that the sitter had had enough and was ready to end the call, and suggested that she didn’t want to “waste my time“.

The mother showed me an image of a front end loader dumping sand. I relayed this to the sitter and said the feeling was that someone was trying to cover something up or bury something.

At that point, she was offended. I did wish she could slow down and set her expectations about the reading aside and to try and feel more deeply into what was being communicated but I saw that it was useless and despite having a strong connection with her mother, but not the clearest direct communication, I concluded that it would be best not to frustrate this woman further in the hopes that she might go to another Medium in the future and not lose faith in the process. We hung up.

I can’t recall anyone during a reading becoming that irritated with me.  Readings like that really makes me want to give this up. I said as much to Spirit.

30 minutes later I had cooled down and the image of the vein in the clamps sank in. I’ve seen it before and it turned out to be a reference to circulatory problems. I wondered about the four or five syllable word starting with a “C” and the name Cassandra that preceded the vision of the cupped breasts…

As I had told the sitter I wasn’t sure if the “C” name was a persons name or a medical condition or a piece of equipment as I don’t know anything about mammograms. It was then that the idea of a syndrome as some sort of pathology entered my awareness. I googled syndromes or conditions that could be revealed by a mammogram.

There are a number of serious conditions that start with a “C” that could turn up in a mammogram; calcification is one. That fit the image of a clamped vein or artery. I remember how extreme irritation can be an early symptom of a heart attack and I wondered if the mother was trying to tell us that such a condition was occurring in her daughter and that she needed to get a mammogram to have it recognized.

I also wondered at the order of evidence: Did not having children weigh heavily on this woman’s mind? Was she childishly “going in circles“ in her life?  Could the spiritual issue be manifesting itself physically in terms of diet and stress?

I then googled the name Cassandra and this is the first thing I came across:

Cassandra syndrome, from Greek mythology, is defined as someone with precognition about actual events but to whom no one will listen.

I had not heard of this before, I don’t know if the mother in spirit would’ve known about this in life but in spirit she did and she tried to get this message across. I felt some relief at this recognition from the mother, not to mention a little wonder at such an insight. Was the daughter a handful in life and was the mother trying to explain what was happening between the three of us?

Some people go to Medium’s needing to hear something specific from someone who has passed, whether it be realistic or not.  sometimes the living or feeling guilty sometimes it is the spirit. That very need may prevent them from hearing the evidence that is actually given. This was a relatively short and focused reading in terms of what the woman in spirit provided. The only other time I can think of that happening was when the woman in Spirit was not happy with what the sitter was doing with their life and kept it brief and to the point so that it would remain the focus after the reading.

As offended as I may have felt by the sitter’s reaction I did understand it and I do hope she gets that mammogram.