John Vliet

Medium Readings

“I accept and treat mediumship in my life as a form of healing myself, those in spirit, and their loved ones with whom they wish to communicate”


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About John

Mediumship presented itself to me in my 53rd year. It arrived with surprising speed and maturity. Spirits wanting to make contact showed up in a classic form, as a late-night rapping on the walls, a flashing of lights in my home, and the distinct impression that someone was “calling” to me.

What I Do

I communicate with discarnate spirits. Those in Spirit frequently recall memories of times you shared together and mention small details of your life since they have passed. Messages from spirit are loving and often funny, and serve to provide the living with opportunities to heal old wounds and set records straight.


I can do a local sitting in person with individuals or small groups in my reading room or in your home. I do most one-on-one readings on the phone because it is convenient to schedule and there are fewer distractions. As long as we have a good connection there is no qualitative difference.

Latest Posts

  • When I look back over the last four years of mediumship readings I have delivered, I see the slow rise in quality of my readings for others. By contrast I can only suspect the potential incompleteness of my earlier readings. By extension it makes me aware of how the slow unfoldment process works for all mediums. I'm writing this with both prospective sitters and all levels of mediums in mind....

  • Walking in Two worlds is an honest and open conversation between two Psychic Mediums about life experiences in their journey to becoming a Psychic Medium as well as experiences after dedicating themselves as a Professional Psychic Medium. Truly we Walk in Two Worlds. It is adventurous and wild at times but always deeply meaningful and an honor to be a vessel for Source Energy. A journey for which we will be eternally grateful....

  • An older Facebook friend wrote on his time-line about feeling manipulated by the forces who create the violent content on mainstream media, in this case it was an Amazon or Netflix political drama whose plot involved defeating terrorist in London. He was irritated and confused by his conflicting feelings of satisfaction, while simultaneously feeling taken advantage of. He had ingested yet another narrative he didn’t believe in....

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